Google Gadgets on your webpage

Google “Universal” Gadgets are now available for blogs and pages around the web. A single Google gadget can now be deployed on Google Personalized Homepage, Google Desktop, Google Page Creator, or via a JavaScript embed on any editable webpage.

You can add PacMan to your blog sidebar or display photos uploaded to Picassa on your MySpace page, or add a Google Reader viewer anywhere.

Google’s support for webpage embeds brings the Google Reader story full circle. The team originally envisioned an RSS widget available on a blog sidebar and the project grew into much more. You can now access the web application in many different versions in various states of privacy including your shared items marked up in HTML or Atom, a full feed aggregator, or a widget for your homepage, desktop, or blog.

Create your own borders

Google is using a new domain,, to serve the embedded gadgets. The embeds reference a Google-styled border preference ( but you can create your own custom border of GIF files if you stick to Google’s naming convention. You can also define your preferred border using CSS.

Custom GIFs

top left corner
top top
top right corner
left side
right side
bottom left corner
bottom bottom
bottom right corner